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The Story


Trapped in the misery of an oppressive marriage, Elpida finds refuge in a fantasy world of vindictive violence. Soon, reality and fantasy start to blur.


Elpida has reached a critical juncture in her life – unquenchable desires, the longing for love, her own body, even time itself all seem to conspire against the routine existence she had been enduring as wife and mother. As her tenuous hold on reality begins to crumble, Elpida finds herself uncertain as to what is real and what is her imagination, leading her to the brink of catastrophe. Can a “pause” mark a new beginning for her?


PAUSE… It’s kind of a personal film. I was inspired by images that were depicted in my mind and events that I experienced growing up in Cyprus in a patriarchal society, watching the women in my family and all other women living on the sidelines, with the main purpose of their lives serving their spouse and children. My feelings towards this social and family context and the stories that surround it continue to be strong because, unfortunately, even today thousands of women in Cyprus, Greece and many other countries around the world still live in similar situations, unable to find their own voice and fight for their rights. I have always been sensitive to women's issues and equality, while I have been particularly interested in exploring the decadent relationships in marriage.

At a time when women in film are misrepresented, I wanted to make one with a story that is  viewed through the prism of the complex female nature, this way making the viewer sink into the female protagonist’s ‘reality’. The style of the film is unique as the focus never shifts from the main character. I also tried to work with a local crew, featuring a significant female participation in many of the key roles.

Tonia Mishiali

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