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The Other Producers

Andros Achilleos - producer

Andros Achilleos is a Producer from Cyprus and owner of the film production company A.B. Seahorse Film Productions, offering production services and equipment rentals. He established the company in 1998 and since then he has produced hundreds of short and feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and corporate videos. His company is now one of the leading production houses on the island. He produces for clients varying from local talent to internationally acclaimed production companies, covering projects of any scale and budget. He supports many projects funded by the Cinema Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and he produces andco­-produces films being shot locally or abroad. He has collaborated with production companies abroad, such as Cinétévé (France), Les Films du Carré (Belgium) and Sabbah Group (Dubai-Lebanon-Egypt).

Most of the productions he produced and co-produced have been officially selected and awarded at major international film festivals. 

Filmography (Feature Films)
"Iman" / Producer / (dir. Kyriakos Tofarides & Korina Avraamidou) / in development

“Moonstruck” / Producer / (dir. Tonia Mishiali) / in development

"Small White Envelopes" / Co-producer / (dir. Soteris Christou, Cyprus 2019)

“Pause” / Producer / (dir. Tonia Mishiali, Cyprus/Greece 2018)

“Chinatown: the three shelters” / Co-producer / (dir. Aliki Knoutzen, Cyprus 2018)

"Rosemarie" / Co-producer / (dir. Adonis Floridis, Cyprus 2017)

"Boy on the bridge" / Co-producer / (dir. Petros Charalambous, Cyprus 2016)

“Five Shillings Naylon” / Co-producer / (dir. Christos Shiopahas, Cyprus 2015)

“Palace Beach Hotel” / Co-producer / (dir. Philippe Venault, France 2014) *awarded
“To Pouli tis Kyprou” / Co-producer / (dir. Nicolas Koumides, Cyprus 2014) *blockbuster in CY
“Family Member” / Co-producer / (dir. Marinos Kartikkis, Cyprus 2014) *awarded
“Plot 12” / Co-producer / (dir. Kyriakos Tofarides, Cyprus 2013) *nominated for EFA
“Committed” / Co-producer / (dir. Stelana Kliris, Cyprus 2013) *optioned for Hollywood remake
“Guild” / Producer / (dir. Vasilis Mazomenos, Cyprus 2009) *awarded
“By Miracle” / Co-producer /(dir. Marinos Kartikkis, Cyprus 2009) *awarded
“The Mentors” / Producer / (dir. Kostas Andriotis, Cyprus 2008)
“Gorillas” / Producer / (dir. Marios Kyprianou, Cyprus 2007)
“Honey and Milk” / Producer / (dir. Marinos Kartikkis, Cyprus 2006) *awarded
“Love at Sixteen” / Producer / (dir. Costas Charalambous, Greece 2003)
“East of Wild Goat Rocks” / Producer / (dir. Andros Achilleos, Cyprus 1999)


Filmography (Short films)
“The Immortalizer” / Co-producer /(dir. Piperides Marios, Cyprus 2014) *awarded
“Lullaby of the Butterfly” / Co-producer / (dir. Tonia Mishiali, Cyprus 2014) *awarded *official selection Sarajevo IFF
“The Palace” / Co-producer / (dir. Antony Maras, Cyprus-Australia 2011) *awarded  * official selection Melbourne IFF
“11:50” / Co-producer /(dir. Stelios Constantinou, Cyprus 2011) *awarded *official selection Raindance
“Stagona” / Producer / (dir. Zinon Hadjipavlou, Cyprus, 2012)
“Shadowboxing” / Co-producer / (dir Dinos Gregoriou, Cyprus 2012) *awarded *official selection Palms Springs Shortfest
“Hope” / Co-producer / (dir. Stelana Kliris, Cyprus 2011)
“The Fiddler” / Co-producer /(dir. Stelana Kliris, Cyprus 2010) *awarded

“For which truth” / Co-producer / (dir. George Georgiou, Cyprus 2009)

“Oedipus” / Co-producer / (dir. Ioakim Mylonas, Cyprus 2009) *awarded
“Absent” / Producer / dir. Simon Farmakas, Cyprus 2009) *awarded
“Don’t Make a Sound” / Producer / (dir. Al Davidian, Cyprus 2008)
“A Clocks Dream” / Co-producer / (dir. Costas Chrysanthou, Cyprus 2008)

“Pharmakon” / Co-producer / (dir. Ioakim Mylonas, Cyprus 2007) *official selection Venice IFF
“Koupepe” / Producer / (dir. Despina Savvidou, 16mm, Cyprus 2006)
“Aphrodite Cabaret” / Producer / (dir. Demetris Tokaris, Super 16mm, Cyprus 2005)

“Nous” / Producer / (dir. Spiros Platis, Super 16mm, Cyprus 2004)
“Mousakas” / Producer / (dir. Antonis Ioannides, Super 16mm, 2004)

“First Time” / Producer / (dir. Eric Averkiou, Cyprus 2003)

“The Circle of Life” / Producer / (dir. Stavros Papageorgiou, Cyprus 2003)

“Berryphobia” / Producer / (dir. Costas Hadjistavrou, Cyprus 2001)

“Souvlakia ­Shieftalia” / Producer / (dir. Pashalis Papapetrou, 16mm, Cyprus 2001)

“The Other Artemis” / Producer / (dir. Kyriakos Tofarides, 16mm, Cyprus 2001) *awarded

“Fisherboy” / Producer / (dir. Andros Achilleos, 16mm, Cyprus 2000)

Stelana Kliris - Producer

Stelana Kliris is a South African Cypriot writer/director/producer with a background in production on international film and commercial productions in Greece and Cyprus. Her first feature, COMMITTED, which she wrote, directed and produced was distributed internationally and optioned for Hollywood and German remakes. She also produced award-winning director Tonia Mishiali’s debut feature film PAUSE which premiered at the 2018 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and received two awards at the 2018 Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Her latest short film TO THE MOON AND BACK was also awarded at the 2018 International Short Film Festival in Cyprus. She is currently developing several new projects under her production company Meraki Films, including THE ISLANDER.

She is a member of the European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA) and the Directors Guild of Cyprus, as well as a graduate of the 2018 EAVE Producers Workshop. She is inspired by stories with heart and humanity and she has a wealth of tales from her multi-cultural upbringing in countries with complicated political situations, like South Africa and Cyprus.


2018     Pause / Feature / Producer (Cyprus-Greece co-production) Director: Tonia Mishiali

              World premiere at 2018 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival “East of the West”
              Awarded the FIPRESCI & the ERT Award for best Greek Film at the 2018 Thessaloniki Intl Film


2018     To the Moon and Back / Short Film / Writer - Director – Producer
              World premiere at 2018 Drama International Short Film Festival
              Awarded 2nd prize for Best Film in the National Competition at the 2018 Intl Short Film Festival of   


2014     Committed / Feature / Writer - Director - Producer
              Distributed commercially and optioned for Hollywood and German remakes 

2011     Hope / Short Film / Writer - Director - Producer
              Special mention at the 2012 International Short Film Festival of Cyprus

2009     The Fiddler / Short Film / Writer – Director - Producer
              Greeks of the World Award at the 2011 Drama Intl Short Film Festival

Ioanna Soultani - Co-producer

Ioanna is a film producer and owner of Soul productions, a business partner and finance director of Authorwave post-production company, both based in Greece. She is currently involved in the pre-production of a feature length film by Ifigeneia Kotsoni and the development of five short films which are scheduled to be filmed in 2018.


* Pause (2018) | dir. Tonia Mishiali | Cyprus/Greece | feature film | (co-production)

* Goldfish (2017) | dir. Giorgos Aggelopoulos | short film

* Twist (2016) | dir. Michalis Papantonopoulos | short film | (national premiere at the 2016 Drama Film Festival, won the Best Film award by the Greek Federation of Film Societies, won special mention at the 2nd Hellas FilmBox Berlin)

* 2½ (2016) | dir. Christos Ntampakakis | short film | (national premiere at the 2016 Drama Festival)

* April Fool's Day (2016) | dir. Apostolis Iliopoulos | short film

* Daybreak (2015) | dir. Nancy Spetsioti | short film

* The Seed (2015) | dir. Ifigeneia Kotsoni | short film | (won numerous awards in national and international festivals)

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