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Stockholm Film festival: Official selection and Masterclass with Tonia Mishiali

Official Selection Screenings of PAUSE at the Stockholm Film Festival 2018

9 Nov, 13 Nov and 14 Nov 2018

Our director Tonia Mishiali attended the festival and presented PAUSE to the Swedish audience.

Our director Tonia Mishiali also gave a masterclass at the Swedish Film Institute, Nov 14th, in collaboration with the Swedish University of Film Arts on low-budget filmmaking "Less is more" as part of the Stockholm Film Festival. The event took place at the Swedish Film Archive and was attended by 200 Film Students and Film Professionals. Two directors were presented, Cypriot Tonia Mishiali of PAUSE and Danish Mette Damgaard-Sörensen of THE GUILTY who used their recent films as case studies. The films were also screened prior to the masterclasses.

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