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12/ Aug 2019

Rotten Tomatoes

Review by Carlos Aguilar

"The 20 most daring films of 2019..."

These gems represent some of the boldest work from around the world this year..."

04/ Aug 2019

Film Is A Fine Affair

Review by Vassilis Kroustallis

"The film is observant, and Mishiali uses deftly its main character towards her self-regulated journey to freedom."

06/ Jul 2019

Film Threat

********stars (8/10)

Review by Andrew Emerson

"Pause is a thoughtful, quietly provocative film that spotlights an individual whom most films relegate to the sidelines."

06/ Jul 2019


Review by Faycal Mataoui (FR)

Review during the Mararat Film Festival, Tunisia

20/ Jun 2019

Living Life Fearless

Review by Francesca Escarraga

"Dauntless filmmakers like Tonia Mishiali who make it their life’s mission to create stories with substance by raising awareness on pressing issues... is living proof that we are heading towards a promising future..."

18/ Jun 2019

WBAI Radio

Review by Prairie Miller

"A vivid, near soliloquoy... men distorting women and bypassing the soul... relief for suppressed passions and frustrations... break free for moments, but with only elusive windows of dramatic conjecture provided - as perhaps it should be."


15/ Jun 2019

Big Easy Magazine

****stars (4/5)

Review by Bill Arceneaux

"A gender-specific and culturally unique crisis done up in a lively landscape fraught with a wide range of emotional, vengeful, and feared imaginations."

14/ Jun 2019

San Antonio Current

****stars (3.5/5)

Review by Kiko Martinez

"...Tonia Mishiali's confident direction and ...Fyrogeni's subtle and genuine performance are impressive."

14/ Jun 2019


Review by Sherin Nicole

"Tonia Mishiali's film is gorgeous in its solemnity... there is a quiet tension that carries you through the film."

13/ Jun 2019

LA times

Review by Katie Walsh

"Star Fyrogeni, who bears a striking resemblance to Frances McDormand, appears in almost every shot, and she carries the film with a bravura performance of a woman at her wit’s end."

13/ Jun 2019

The Movie Blog

******stars (6.1/10)

Video Review by John Smistad

"“Pause”: Soul-crushing Examination of a Soul Reborn"

09/ Jun 2019

Le Polyester

Review by Nicolas Bardot (FR)

07/ Mar 2019


Review by Dimitris Bampas (GR)

07/ Mar 2019


***stars (3/5)

Review by Yiangos Antiohos (GR)

07/ Mar 2019

Move it Mag

***stars (3/5)

Review of PAUSE (GR)

07/ Μar 2019


***stars (3/5)

Review of PAUSE by Yiannis Karampitsos (GR)

05/ Μar 2019

Seventh Row

Review by Orla Smith

"Three hidden gems at the Glasgow Film Festival"

04/ Dec 2018


****stars (4/5)

Review of PAUSE by Tusshar Sasi (EN)

“'Pause' represents a generation of women and their silent agony…"

18/ Nov 2018


"59th Thessaloniki Film Festival: PAUSE (FIPRESCI award for Best Greek Film) (GR)

Review by Nicos Artinos (Union of Greek Film Critics member)

15/ Nov 2018

Movies Noir

*** stars

Review (SE)

Stockholm Film Festival

10/ Nov 2018

Cine Freaks

Review by Cinefreaks

"PAUSE by Tonia Mishiali: 59th Thessaloniki Film Festival" (GR)

10/ Nov 2018


Review by Union of Greek Film Critics member Nicos Aletras (one of the members of the FIPRESCI jury at the 59th Thessaloniki Film Festival) (GR)

08/ Nov 2018


*** stars

Review by Alexis Dermentzoglou

29/ Oct 2018

Eye for Film

Film Review By Jenny Kermode

**** stars

"Fyrogeni is brittle and intense in the central role, carrying herself in the slightly bent, over-cautious manner of someone continually expecting blame."

10/ Jul 2018

Hollywood Reporter

Film Review | Karlovy Vary 2018 | by Boyd van Hoeij


"Cypriot director Tonia Mishiali casts Frances McDormand look-alike Stela Fyrogeni in her feature debut about a housewife in an unhealthy marriage who starts daydreaming about revenge"

06/ Jul 2018

ENET Press

53rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Reviews by Ninos Fenek Mikellides

"Outcries by women and unprotected children" (GR)

05/ Jul 2018


Karlovy Vary 2018 East of the West

Review: Pause by Vassilis Economou

"Cypriot writer-director Tonia Mishiali focuses on the position of women in a conservative and patriarchal society with an emotional and realistic debut"

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