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Two awards at SEEFF à Berlin

Exciting news from Berlin!

Best director award for Tonia Mishiali and Best Actress award for Stela Fyrogeni, the film's protagonist, at SEEFF à Berlin - South East European Film Festival

🥇 Best Director

The statement of the International Jury, Ismet Sijarina, Aelrun Goette, and Mustafa Altioklar: "Usually women above 50 disappear in the shadows, but Tonia Mishiali puts a spotlight on them in her movie PAUSE. 90 minutes we follow Hope, which is the name of the main character. We suffer with her as we witness how she tries to escape from the prison of her life. We so much hope, that she succeeds, but Tonia Mishiali doesn’t makes us the gift of a happy ending. But instead she serves the bitterness of reality. This directing is a masterpiece."

🥇 Best Actress

The statement of the International Jury, Ismet Sijarina, Aelrun Goette and Mustafa Altioklar : "The face of Stella Fyrogeni is the landscape of the film. In Stella Fyrogeni the directress found an actress who has the power and the magic to carry the whole movie on her own. We truly adore the art of her and are happy to offer the award of Best actress to Stella Fyrogeni."

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